E29 | Classes With Max #InfoComm16

Max Kopsho talks about the classes he’s teaching at #InfoComm16 and how his book Da Vinci Sales is part of the #AVGivesBack movement.

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E28 | Convergence With Eli Etherton

Eli The Computer Guy shares his perspective on AV-IT convergence and the AV Integration Industry.

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E27 | Sound System Tuning Intro

AVShopTalk Podcast - Sound System Tuning Intro

Nathan Lively of Sound Design Live shares some tips, tools & resources for sound system tuning.

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Brag Board | Broadcast Studio Install

Sergio 1

Sergio Social Security 4 Sergio Social Security 3 Sergio Social Security 2

Submitted By: Sergio Cardoso
Installation Date: 2006
Twitter: @rescueproduct
Linked-In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sergio-cardoso-66485828
Company: Yorktel

A big thank you to Sergio for sending in some awesome photos of a broadcast studio he worked on a few years back. Nothing quite like seeing an equipment rack with clean and well managed cables landing perfectly in place. I wish Sergio could talk more about this specific project but if he told you he’d have to kill you.  Hint: This is a test of the emergency broadcast system.

Sergio is obviously highly skilled when it comes to rack fabrication based on the photos above. I also had the pleasure of working with Sergio so I can personally vouch for him and his expertise. Additionally he is involved with music production and recording. I wanted to make sure I point this out because of the relationship between systems integration and the music industry. This has been an ongoing theme in the podcast as I think back to episode 14 and again to episode 18. I run into folks all the time who have roots in music production and now work for an integration house or manufacturer. This is one reason why I find the world of Pro AV so interesting. I would be remiss not to mention some of Sergio’s work in music production. If you’ve been following the last season of American Idol you may recognize the name Jessica Cabral, who Sergio had the opportunity to record with. Here’s a video showcasing Sergio’s recording production skills featuring Jessica Cabral singing Heartbreak.

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We’re looking for photos of your AV Integration projects. Email them to nate(at)avshoptalk(dot)com and we’ll talk shop about your project plus we’ll feature you and your company on the Brag Board.

Brag Board | Whiz-Bang Boardroom

The idea behind the Brag Board is to give systems integrators and AV professionals a place to show off their craftsmanship. We want to brag about you! We’re hoping to share lots of your photos here. Did you just wire up a beautiful rack? Commission a video wall? If it’s in the realm of Pro AV and you’re proud of it, we wanna see it!  See submission instructions below.

Whiz-Bang Board Room

“one of those rare instances when… the client mentioned that cost was not a limitation”

Submitted By: Nate Schneider
Installation Date: December 2010
Twitter Handle: @BigNate84HowTo
Company: HB Communications

Okay I’ll personally make the first post to the Brag Board since I contributed to an impressive install back in 2010. Unfortunately I do not have any photos of this installation but I was able to locate a screenshot of the drawing package. My role in this project was as drafting technician. All client information has been redacted out of respect for my previous employer. This was one of those rare instances where during the needs analysis phase of the project the client mentioned that cost was not a limitation. I quite vividly remember half a Million dollars worth of AV equipment going into this 30′ x 20′ board room at a prestigious downtown Boston address.

The center piece was a 12 x 4 Christie Micro Tile display matrix with custom interactive multi-touch bezel to give the impression that the front wall was a giant iPad. The first iPad was released earlier that same year. At the time large format multi-touch displays were somewhat unprecedented. There were many motorized devices including Kef ceiling speakers, Servo Reeler ceiling microphones and a motorized camera shelf that vanished when not in use. During Blu-ray playback audio would be heard in a 7.1 configuration but if a video or audio call came in the room would function as a giant speaker phone for business as usual. The list of features and functions could go on a for a few pages here but I close with mentioning just a few more. The room also came with integration of HVAC, shades and lighting all tied together with a Crestron Pro2. This was a fun one to work on, even if my view of the project was limited to the seat of a drafting technician.

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We’re looking for photos of your AV Integration projects. Email them to nate(at)avshoptalk(dot)com and we’ll talk shop about your project plus we’ll feature you and your company on the Brag Board.

E24 | Impact of Broadcast Tech

Pour yourself a pint & join us at the pub as we talk shop with Nevil Bounds about the impact of broadcast tech in corporate environments.

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