E47 | Resignation & Cynicism That Permeates

Bill Brown returns to talk about resignation and cynicism that seems to permeate the AV industry. HDMI 2.1 is released, Verrex opens new office in LA, former Google employee developing AI god, Net Neutrality debate rages on. I respond to your AV emails.

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E32 | Two Most Dangerous Words In Technology

Josh Srago AV design consultant and writer on tech policy talks about new FCC regulations, Net Neutrality, Incentives Auction and the two most dangerous words in technology.

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E11 | 2014 Year End Wrap Up

AVST E11 Header v2.0

Time for a 2014 recap. It’s been an interesting AV year, the burgeoning DIY smart home market, the rise of 4k/UHD displays, over-the-top video content, the fight for Net Neutrality and much more.

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