E24 | Impact of Broadcast Tech

Nevil Bounds joins us at the pub in Old Heathfield as we talk about the impact of newer broadcast technology in corporate environments.

Show Notes:
Special Guest: Nevil Bounds
Release Date: January 1, 2016
Running Time: 36:50

You might be wondering why this episode was recorded at the Star Inn, Old Heathfield, East Sussex, in the UK. Before we get to the shop talk here’s what happened. I had just landed at Heathrow International Airport to visit family for Christmas. My phone buzzes and I see I happen to have a twitter message from Nevil Bounds. I remembered him from previous AV related twitter conversations and I knew he was located near London. In his message he explains that he’s been enjoying the podcast and would like to talk shop sometime. (If you’re a podcast creator this is the type of message you love to receive). Rather than pursue our traditional podcast workflow of coordinating time zones and recording conversations via Skype and Google Hangouts I thought it would be fun and exciting to meet up at a local pub and talk shop in person. When in Rome, right? Nevil graciously agreed to drive down and that is how episode 24 came to be.

One more interesting point! If you’ve been following the podcast you’ve probably heard Jason and I say that a word of mouth recommendation to an AV colleague is the #1 best way you can help the podcast. I learned from Nevil that he heard of AVShopTalk from Kevin McLoughlin, AV Manager for the Royal Society of Medicine. So thank you Kevin for spreading the word and playing a role in making this impromptu episode come together!  I certainly had a blast with it. And thank you Nevil for reaching out.

With the miniaturisation of broadcast technology upon us new possibilities have presented themselves. Two distinct sectors of the AV industry, namely broadcast and corporate, are starting to mesh with one another. Small scale applications for broadcast technology have become affordable in the corporate world. The decision to pull Coax, RGBHV, CATx, or Fiber isn’t exactly a no-brainer. A great deal of thought is required especially for those integrated systems that implement elements of broadcast and elements of consumer AV, meanwhile keeping cost to a minimum while simultaneously attempting to future proof the cable infrastructure.  Not to mention the bandwidth challenges that come with HDR and 4K/UHD signal types.

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Host & Producer: Nate Schneider
Theme Music: Colin Owens
Voice Over Talent: John Perry

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