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Sign-up for the newsletter and you can expect one email on the first of the month when a new episode has been published. For an added bonus you may shoose to opt-in for a shout-out in a future episode of the podcast.

One of the most popular podcast directories.  Stay current with the podcast on all your Apple devices. Leaving a review in iTunes helps the podcast get discovered by others.

Google Play Music
Android users can subscribe to the podcast by searching in the Google Play app.

RSS Feed
For all you hardcore podcast junkies that know what to do with an XML feed. To the untrained eye this looks like a bunch of random code but an aggregator app like Feedly makes an RSS feed into a beautiful thing.

Pocket Casts
This app is Nate’s personal favorite for listening to podcasts. It costs a few bucks but the feature set and updates make it work your while.

Subscribe on Android
A great tool for Android users. Clicking this link will take you to a landing page so you can easily see all your options for listening to podcasts on an Android device.

Another good option for podcast consumption on both Android and iOS devices.

A popular podcast app that runs on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Yet another option for fans of the iOS device.

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