E37 | 5 Things To Know About ATSC 3.0

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Pat Drumm, Broadcast Engineer at Comcast SportsNet joins us to share his perspective on ATSC 3.0, a new broadcasting standard currently in the works. We discuss the recent breakup between WHDH Channel 7 in Boston and NBC.

Show Notes:
Special Guest: Pat Drumm
Release Date: February 1, 2017
Running Time: 50:14


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AV Shop Talk Podcast


Host & Producer: Nate Schneider
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  • TedG2012

    Hey Nate!

    Thanks for mentioning my “Titanic” comment. And also for mentioning my story on CEDIA selling off their show on http://www.strata-gee.com!

    Interesting show! You raised some very interesting questions about ATSC3.0!


    • I suppose the CEDIA sell off probably sounds more surprising than it really is. Your piece did a good job summarizing the situation. Planning a trade show of that size takes up a huge amount of resources. By selling the show they are essentially outsourcing a good majority of the administrative and coordination type of work to allow the core CEDIA leadership and staff to focus more on CEDIA and less on logistics. I know it’s not quite THAT simple, but as I understand it that’s the main reason and a pretty logical one. On top of that news the fact that Emerald Expositions is for sale adds an interesting twist to the whole thing. Thanks keeping us informed Ted.

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