E31 | These Are The Drones You’re Looking For

Mike Testa, Assistant Professor of Music Technology at Salem State University & drone hobbyist talks with us about the business of UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) in Pro AV.

Show Notes:
Special Guest: Mike Testa
Release Date: August 1, 2016
Running Time: 48:39

  • We are talking about drones in Pro AV
  • Support for this episode has been provided by Peerless-AV
  • Welcome to the podcast! Mike’s Linked-In profile
  • The mini-drone screen shot & tweet
  • UML SRT shoutout
  • 3 reasons why we’re talking drones today
  • Iain Kerr – CEO at Ocean Alliance | Wildlife research with Snotbot
  • Stampede, Pro AV distributor brings drones to InfoComm
  • Learned of link between drones and virtual reality in episode 30
  • Mike, when did you get your first drone?
  • So flying drones is not easy?
  • Aspire to Climb Higher – Mount Washington Observatory Video
  • Major Applications for Drones
    1. Utilities Inspection & Survey
    2. Construction Site Survey
    3. Bridge inspection
    4. Aerial Cinematography Services
    5. Agricultural Survey & Services
    6. Search & Rescue Services
    7. Remote Scientific Research
    8. Wildlife Research
    9. Virtual Reality
    10. Shipping & Delivery
  • Action sports cinematography scene is the big driver for much of the current technology
  • FOX Sports tests drone camera technology at Indianapolis Supercross: Video
  • Air Dog: personal drone in action sports
  • RC VR reference: Miami Lights Drone Racing League
  • Pokemon Go Has Added $7.5 Billion to Nintendo’s Market Value | Fortune
  • Why Pokémon is a Game Changer… | Mike Testa | The Audio Pod
  • Amazon Prime Air –  a future delivery system from Amazon
  • Legal categories for drone operation
    1. Hobby
    2. Commercial
    3. Government
  • New Small UAS Rule (Part 107) effective August 29th
  • Epic Fail – Quadcopter hits groom in head Video
  • FAA 333 exemption required for commercial use
  • DroneLaw.pro legal services
  • FAA 333 exemption get’s update on March 6, 2016
  • Informative articles on Drones
    1. Here Come the Drones | Dan Daley | InfoComm Report
    2. In MA 22 companies received permits to fly drones | Catherine Cloutier | Boston Globe
    3. Drones and Pro AV | Matthew Brennesholtz | Display Daily
    4. FAA Rules Will Clear Way For Routine Commercial Drone Flights | Joan Lowy | Lowell Sun
    5. Upgrade to the New FAA Section 333 Exemption | Enrico Schaefer | Drone Law Blog
  • Big learning curve with learning how to operate
  • Tom Guilmette – Freelance Documentarian | Used drones to film “Extreme Mount Washington
  • Impact of commercial drones on security industry
  • Social impact of small robots flying around the nighborhood
  • Killer robot in Dallas – That’s a big deal but beyond the purview of this show
  • Primary business applications for drones in pro AV
    1. Design & build of custom drone operations trucks
    2. Drone operations truck with crew rental services
  • Ian Bowker of Icon Broadcast – Wonder if Ian’s done any custom trucks for drones?
  • GPS is great BUT lack of pin-point accuracy could be a big deal
  • Follow Mike on Twitter @MikeyTesta
  • Alex Case Shoutout

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Host & Producer: Nate Schneider
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Voice Over Talent: John Perry

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