E25 | Nevil Bounds AV Career Spotlight

Join us for round two from the pub as we shine the AV career spotlight on Nevil Bounds.

Show Notes:
Special Guest: Nevil Bounds
Release Date: February 1, 2016
Running Time: 33:35

The AVShopTalk podcast turns two years old this month! To celebrate we’re having a second round at the pub with Nevil Bounds. Last month we heard from Nevil on the topic of broadcast technology creeping into corporate environments. This time we’re focusing the conversation on Nevil’s personal journey through the AV industry. With over 37 years of experience Nevil is a great example of perseverance, adaptation and keeping up with changing technologies. He landed his first gig in 1978 as a sound dubbing assistant for the Muppet Show working the 1/4″ tape machine. Today Nevil is Key Account Director for Feltech which was founded in 1989 by Peter Fell. If you are interested in learning more about Nevil’s story have a listen to episode 25, the second in our “AV Career Spotlight” editions of AVShopTalk. You may recall back in episode 20 we learned about Victoria Ferrari’s AV story.

Feltech is located just north of London in Hertfordshire and offers a wide array of services including corporate AV systems integration,  broadcast systems integration, media services for events, command & control systems integration as well as technical support, system maintenance and digital signage. As the industry continues to evolve it can be beneficial to look back and remember where we collectively came from. Thank you Nevil for taking the time to share your story with listeners to the podcast.

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Host & Producer: Nate Schneider
Theme Music: Colin Owens
Voice Over Talent: John Perry

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